The rain continued to fall steadily into the early evening hours.  Kara rather enjoyed the diversion.  The tender spring foliage savored every last drop as new grass unfolded its’ greenery.  Delicate red buds dotted new intricate layers resembling a type of impressionist veil each day, soon to give birth to mature leaves blocking the view of traffic in the back yard.  She continued gazing at the lovely view through the back windows as the fire flickered, warming the last few days of cool weather.

     The not too distant drone of traffic on I-95 could be heard as she listened quietly when the rain let up and the refrigerator motor turned off.

     It had been a very challenging few days for Kara, not unlike other times when fiery darts had flown and she ducked for cover.  Only afterwards did she dare to peek her head out of the rubble and assess the damages.

     Kara knew a storm had been brewing for some time, and at last when atmospheric conditions were primed, it hit full force, showing a lack of forebearance and mercy to those in its course. The objects in the path of the storm’s wrath had their limitations, failures and shortcomings and were vulnerable, and she was one of them, but that didn’t matter. It reared its ugly head, blew full force, and left a pile of debris; damaged trust, broken relationships, wounds and scars, and loss of income.  That’s what storms do.

     Easter Season was fast approaching and she was once again assessing damages.  She still felt stunned and unable to get rid of her headache.  A devotional from the past week came to mind like an unexpected flower blooming amidst the rubble on the front lawn.  “Let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice.” Song of Solomon 2;14.  As we think of the Lord Jesus going through His last week meeting at every turn unkind faces and frowning looks and hearing hurting words, I think most of us will be reminded of His longing for something very different.  “Let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice.”  A loving worshipping countenance, a  voice that says only love-words-that refreshes his heart.

                                       Jesus Redeemer, Saviour of sinners.
                                       With love and with reverence, we worship Thee.

                                       Worshipping, praising, Lord, we adore Thee.
                                       For Thine is the kingdom for ever, Amen.*

Sandy Lightsey

*Excerpt taken from Edges of His Ways by Amy Carmichael