A pastel painting created by my artist friend has decidedly become one of my favorite Christmas things.  I display it every Christmas season, although I think it would be very fitting to leave it all year long.

     Beautiful deep blue tones dominate the unique impressionist picture.  A small deer runs in the foreground of the newly fallen snow as a large green spruce tree emerges from the dark blue forest.  Are those lights on the tree?  A trace of fresh snow lightly brushes the background trees while every object teems with life.

     Within the broad expanse of a vibrant heavenly host, a magnificent star trascends, faintly revealing the form of an angel superimposed behind. 
     All is quiet, cold, and frost laden; the stillness interrupted only by the faint crackling of the running deer upon the crust of the sparkling snow.

     I gaze in holy awe, revisiting my native Maine roots, while heaven and earth sing in quiet harmony in celebration of the birth of the Christ child.

Sandy Lightsey