Dan & Sandy Lightsey     

    In the spring of 1981 after many years of hardcore opiate addiction; as Easter Sunday approached, I dashed out and spent all but a few dollars to buy a new suit to wear to the church I had been attending.  Somehow I felt that God would deliver me from drugs, resurrect my life on Resurrection Day.  However, it was not to be.  Continuing to shoot dope into my body I clung to the promise of God for my deliverance.  When June came around I attended a church convention, at which time after having flushed all of my drug supply down the toilet, and in the midst of severe withdrawals, I proclaimed a healing.  Still after eleven days I slipped back into the throes of addiction.  Throughout the summer months I continued to spend my days and nights searching for an uncollapsed vein whereby I could inject myself.  

     Just after Labor Day as the Vermont leaves began to change, winds blew and dew turned to frost on the morning lawn, God gave me a vision.  In my little room with a supply of chicken broth and a hot plate, I embarked on the journey; my own personal exodus out of slavery.  By the end of the first five days I was in severe withdrawals.  The nausea and diarrhea were tolerable, but the sensation of maggots crawling in the marrow of my bones was all but unbearable.  Many times I buried my face in my sweat soaked pillow so the neighbor down the hall would not hear my cries of anguish.  Around the first of October I began to feel better, though normal sleep would not come for many weeks.  I had kicked cold turkey many times upon being arrested and thrown into jail for various drug related crimes, but this was different.  God could have delivered me! I now know that He had when his Son Jesus Christ died on the Cross.  This time he wanted me “to know Him and the fellowship of His sufferings and the power of His resurrection” (Phil 3:10).  I celebrated my 45th birthday October 7, 1981 clean and sober.  Shortly thereafter I was enrolled in Bible College. Finally, the call of God had been answered; the one that had been placed on me many years earlier when I had first made my profession of faith, on my 31st birthday, in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

     The following Easter Sunday, 1982, after having been on a soul-winning blitz to mid-town Manhattan; where I testified openly before many people of His resurrection power, I was baptized in the tank at the Bible chapel before the Body of Christ.  Ever since, I have by God’s grace lived in resurrection life.  Praise Jesus Christ!



Grace Overcomers principles of Acceptance, Belief and Commitment followed by recitation of the award winning poem: The Man From The Land of Lodebar were heard and well received at GREATER GRACE OF DUNDALK, MD. Sunday March 29th.  Thank you  Pastor John Perkins  and family for inviting us.