When I was a little boy I looked forward to Christmas Eve with great glee in anticipation of Santa Claus and the gifts he would bring: The Lionel train that I got the year that I had just turned seven.  But Oh the woe that came on the tail of my bad decisions. Bad companions and a deep rebellion flooded my soul leading to my being sent away from my happy home to one boarding school after another and eventually county jails and ultimately prison cells; all as a result of my drinking and opiate addiction.  One Christmas Eve many years ago I remember standing on the corner of 49th and Lexington Avenue begging change so that I could get the prescription that was being filled at the 24- hour Chemist Shop across the street.  It was a bitter sub-zero night when finally around 2:00 a.m. my goal was met.  Into my early thirties I crept desperate and drug addicted, I grew to hate Christmas.  This went on for years either out on the street homeless, hospitalized or incarcerated.  Christmas Past.

All those sad memories eventually faded and it has now been 27 years and yes, 27 Christmas Eves have come and gone celebrating the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with great joy and peace.  God has given me a wife and two beautiful daughters, their husbands and four wonderful grandchildren; three boys and a sweet girl.  Christmas present.

We do not know what Christmas future will bring in time, only that His grace will be sufficient for us because “in the fullness of time” God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world to die for sinners like you and I so we can celebrate Christmas in eternity forever.  Christmas Future.