Saturday, November 29,2008
10-12 a.m. 
Greetings and Readings
Hunt Valley Towne Center
118-AA Shawan Rd.
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Dan Lightsey will be signing his books: GRACE OVERCOMERS and THE BALLAD OF KING GEORGE AND OTHER POEMS

GRACE OVERCOMERS  found its way to our countertop in Pacific Beach, Washington.  It sat there for a month or so, and then my wife and I starting reading it.  What a book!  I’m going to forward it to another relative when we are finished with it.  My wife has been reading parts of it out loud to me.  Thank you for sending it to me!

I still think your ballad “THE BALLAD OF KING GEORGE” is a masterpiece waiting to be made into a movie.  I hope to work on the script again soon.”

Arthur Egeli
Fine Artist/Award Winning Filmmaker