Sweet Supreme

In years past we looked to the stars for our fortune,
Strobes and crystals, for light;
Sought direction in the spin of a wheel,
Looked to the turn of a card, for sight.
Seeking seers for wisdom,
And philosophers for truth;
We had a dream at the end of the darkest night,
Of our misspent youth.

We dreamt we were in His arms,
Felt His gentle embrace;
Out of harm’s way,
Looking full in His wonderful face.
Upon awakening to a new day,
Heads were clear, hearts were free,
Spirits clean;
For you see, Jesus Christ,
Had shed his light, Sweet Supreme.

We had walked in ignorance,
Chasing fiery comets.
We were so blind, living an existence;
Never cared to go to the distance;
Never thought we’d find solace in
Our sweet Lord, our Sweet Supreme.

He lifted the weight of our earthly burdens,

He’s healed our souls,
We’re no longer hurting.
Oh such joy!
Nothing can destroy
Our faith in the Word
Of Sweet Supreme.

We’re so grateful for His lovel
His grace makes us whole.
We’ve felt His gentle touch,
It’s not a dream, Sweet Jesus,
He’s coming back soon,
Sweet Supreme.

Poem taken from book: Grace Overcomer’s Addiction Ministry.  See book section.